“Farmacia Cardi alla colomba d’oro”, owned and operated by the Cardi Family since 1969, is in the heart of Lonigo, in the province of Vicenza.  The town has medieval origins such as the arcades on Garibaldi Street where the pharmacy is located, the majestic Piazza Garibaldi and the Duomo are also landmarks of the old town. Thus “Cardi alla colomba d’oro Pharmacy has been the central point for the wellness of its citizens for many decades.



THE PHARMACY The entrance and shop windows, protected by the arcades, face the pedestrian area.  Its façade, which is made of white stones from the Berici Hills, has been restored taking into consideration the original drawings of the XIX century.  

“Cardi alla colomba d’oro” Pharmacy, with its golden dove symbol, has been owned by various prominent families.  Its unique interior with furniture dating back to the 1850s has never been replaced. The furniture is made of old local walnut, the shelves, drawers and showcases cover the walls while the counters covered in marble form a U shape around the pharmacy.  The antique carved initials of Francesco Carazza, an old apothecary, can be seen on the side of the counter.  It is worth mentioning the small collection of old vases and bottles of the period, some laboratory equipment and old scales used in shops and pharmacies in the past.  The ceiling consists of eight wooden panels on which P. Brevi painted a floral design using the tempera technique.  The floor, which has recently been restored, is made of slabs of pink marble from Verona of various dimensions. In the centre of the pharmacy is an old cast iron radiator, which surrounds one of the two cast iron decorated columns, installed in 1929 and in perfect working order.  The wrought iron lighting fixtures were designed for the pharmacy by local artisans.

logoaccademiaTHE BUILDING The elegant three storey building, located in the heart of the town, dates back to the XVII and XVIII centuries. Over the years it has undergone various changes mainly in the mid 1800s, when other buildings were constructed next to it.  Its simple façade characterized by a portico and two arches are supported by pillars and columns made of stone.  logostoricoThe façade is enhanced by mouldings with varied decorated tiles. The building has been completely renovated, and today  “Cardi alla colomba d’oro” Pharmacy is on the ground floor while Doctors’ Surgeries are on the first floor.   

In 2005 the Veneto Region declared  “Farmacia Cardi alla colomba d’oro  a “historic building”.


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